Mexbalia Team

Administrative Director at Mexbalia.

With more than 10 years of experience in administration and finance. He is in charge of the accounting, financial and tax administration of the company, reporting to the General Management. Leader in the budgeting process of the company. In charge of preparing the annual budget, fiscal and financial planning of the company; manages the financial resources of the company. Supervises and organizes the technical and human resources under his charge and the Departmental Managements.

CTO in Mexbalia

Implementing Digital Transformation and Automation since 2013. Global experience and knowledge of the use of technology in emerging markets in different industrial sectors. Architect and business instructor with extensive experience in business applications. Cybersecurity consultant for more than 20 years. Expert in hybrid integration (cloud and on-premises), business process management, methodologies and IT operations. Open source promoter.


International Company based on Mexico City and Los Angeles. Our main line of business are training and digital transformation, specializing in professional services, development of applications and business solutions; we accomplished this following three main lines of action: education, consulting and cloud infrastructure. Our enterprise customers come from different sectors and size: small and medium from public and private sectors. We also collaborate heavily with education and non-profit institutions.


Guide our customers into digital transformation to help them grow their business through cutting-edge technology and services at a competitive price.


Become and international market reference in the information technology and consulting sector. We are a company on constant transformation aligned with market and customer requirements .