Intelligent App Challenge by SAP & Google

To spur innovation, SAP and Google Cloud invited members of the SAP and Google Cloud partner ecosystems to show the world how they use SAP HANA, express edition, on Google Cloud Platform to create the next-generation of powerful, intelligent apps for the enterprise. That’s why we developed Intelligent Tracking Swarm, an app that helps track enterprise assets as they move through Internet of Things.

Responsiveness and security are now a global concern. When valuable enterprise assets enter a mobile environment, businesses need to be ready to make the right decisions and avoid lack of visibility and risk.

Inspired by nature-based mechanisms, our app is composed of a Queen Bee and as many Worker Bees as there are elements to be tracked. It uses GPS, radiofrequency, and GSM/GPRS communication protocols to enable persistent communication on a defined geographical area.

We are honored to be one of finalists in the SAP + Google Intelligent App Challenge—and extend our congratulations to all of the winners and other finalists.

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