Edén creates the perfect environment that plants need to thrive"

What is it?

Eden is an educational project and your ally in the care and growth of your plants. Eden leads you to observe and make decisions in a controlled environment thanks to a device that constantly monitors the state of the plant and compares it with its ideal state (necessary sunlight, constant watering, available and necessary space) regardless of size or species Of the same. It is intended to develop Eden of self-management, it is placed outside a container of a certain plant, this offers horticulturists and producers in general the possibility of knowing the humidity levels of the earth, air, temperature and adequate sunlight. for its cultivation in real time.

Who is it for?

Eden is aimed at sectors of the population interested in growing their own food in an easy and simple way.

Development benefits

With this project, the automation of a garden will be achieved with the ability to notify you of the needs of your plant such as humidity, sunlight and water for a correct growth of your plantations, with technology capable of systematically covering these needs.