Connect IoT

What is it?

ConnectIoT ​​​​is a smart contract for access services, which allows creating the connection between IoT devices and the Near blockchain.

At Mexbalia we intend to combine these two technologies and apply them to the monitoring of the medical or related supply chain. The main idea is to use the Near blockchain as a registry entry, point of inquiry and eventually create an entire wellness community within web 3.0.


The main focus of ConnectIoT ​​​​is to store and read, through the blockchain, data from any IoT device and use that data to observe the vital signs of a patient, measure the humidity or PH in the soil of the crop, measure the distance , temperature, pressure and more in supply chain systems.

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What is Near Protocol?

It is a platform that allows you to create and launch decentralized applications, its entire blockchain works by community consensus and uses data fragmentation to minimize processes and costs (divide and conquer).

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This project is in the development and research stage. In search of the MVP.