Carbon Footprint Tracking

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Product outstanding for: Logistics/CPG/Insurance/Public Sector

It is a cloud service that allows you to know the key indicators of the vehicle connected in real time, in order to optimize its performance and reduce the carbon footprint.


Calculate fleet CO2 emissions using Predictive Analytics through sensors like:

  • Speed
  • Mass Air Flow Rate
  • GPS Longitude
  • GPS Latitude
  • Kilometers Per Liter
  • Liters Per 100 Kilometer



Advance Analytics

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  • Optimize routes.
  • Analyze fuel consumption.
  • Identify equipment models performance and rank them for future purchases.
  • Identify fuel and oil consumption correlated to equipment vendor, tires, type of gasoline, gas station, etc.
  • Predictive maintenance based on historical information, industry standards and predictive algorithms.
  • Identify driver’s behavior and profile.
  • Analyze events on supply chain and react on time.