CFDI 3.3


CFDI stands for  "Comprobante Fiscal Digital por Internet" which is electronic bill payment, mandatory payment's method since 2014 in Mexico, impulsed by the "Sistema de Administración Tributaria (SAT)".
On July 1st CFDI version 3.3 came into effect, however, it can continue to use version 3.2 for the issuance of electronic invoices until November 30, 2017. After this date, the only valid version will be 3.3.

SAT's goal's with this new version is to simplify the tax compliance, to optimize the tax control and to solve the incidences of the previous model.

The technical specifications of CFDI 3.3 were published in Appendix 20, the most important changes are the following:

• RFC Validation
• Catalogs
• Semantic validation rules
• Notification of receipt of payment
• New scenarios (pensioners, separations, indemnification)
The SAT continues to make adjustments to the process to incorporate all business scenarios, so SAP has not included such changes in the standard. In addition, each business has a unique process, so it is likely that the changes delivered by SAP do not fully meet the needs of the operation.


To whom is this service?
Companies that operate with SAP ERP or SAP ECC (R/3)

Modules SAP that are impacted by the change:
• Financial and Accounting Processes (FI) (Includes payroll complement, accounting catalogs and travel expenses)
• Sales and distribution (SD) (Invoicing)

Service stages
Mexbalia in order to help its clients facing this change, is running a consulting service that consists of: